Adventurer Bush Belt

Image of Adventurer Bush Belt

Every adventurer needs a Great Belt.

The Adventurer Bush Belt is designed to allow the fellow Explorer to attach his gear to a standard belt (compatible with most belt loops) and the support belt allows to reduce the strain on the body and spread the weight.

The belt also has two utility rings Mademof stainless steel if you want to clip something or attach your favourite Kuksa.

The belt was really designed to bear your essentials on your person while scouting the woods, like a knife, your tomahawk, belt pouches, your canteen or water bottle and so on, allowing you to go further with less on the back.

I select my leathers myself. I only use veg-tanned 3mm leather, locally made in Switzerland.

The Natural color version will darken with use and over time, giving it more character. Don’t forget to treat with leather care products from time to time.

All the stitching are hand sewn for more strength using a quadruple ply of artificial sinew.

This product is made on purchase so please allow 2 to 4 weeks to complete, depending on the current amount of orders.