Image of Ambi

The Ambi is one of my oldest designs. The original idea was to make a boot knife that could be held hammer or ice pick, edge forward or backward, with very easy transitions from left to right hand.

The braided pommel makes it a pleasure to prepare hearth board for primitive fires or any drilling/perforation tasks. It also makes it a breeze to pull it out of an ultra deep carry sheath.

Despite the 4mm thick blade, this one is a user and as all my knives are designed with function first and years of experience as a survival instructor. KISS design (Keep It Stupid Simple) and primal / neo tribal feel makes it a perfect choice for professional operators that need a less tactical footprint for discretion.

Made on order, expect minimum 12 weeks delay.

For Custom Work (specific steel, finish, wrap, sheath, etc) select : Custom Ambi Request - Down payment option.

Specs :

Steel: O1
Blade thickness: 4mm
Blade length: 8cm
Handle length: 10cm
Overall length: 18cm
Sheath: Ambidextrous kydex sheath with central IWB clip, exposed handle
Handle: double ridge wrap (jute) or paracord, or japwrap over jute, stabilized