CoBrac / Combat Survival Bracelet

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Survival item, Professional Protection Tool and a Fashion Statement in One object!

I have created the CoBrac out of pure needs and for professionals.
As a knife fighting instructor, I know how avoiding cuts during a knife attack is close to impossible. The main idea behind this bracelet is to add a little more protection to vital points with a cut-resistant bracelet and also prevent the opponent's blade from sliding down the whole forearm. It will not prevent you from being cut, but it's a little more protection than nothing at all.

I make my CoBrac out of surgical stainless steel for more rust resistance from sweat and the bead blasting process hardens the surface a bit more and reduces the glare of the exposed parts. They are covered in US made seven strands nylon paracord (almost 2 meters for the standard model).

It is also a fashion statement in a world where most now have the same paracord bracelets, this one both stands apart yet still remain discreet even with a suit.

It is Swiss Made, and fits several wrist diameters (it may be too large for very small wrists) but can be slightly adjusted.

Disclamer: This bracelet is not a magical item and will not avoid you being cut. It is designed to add a slash-proof layer when rising your hands to protect the throat/face area and to stop a blade from sliding along the full length of your arm but where the blade kisses your wrist, at the bracelet, you will probably feel the cut anyway.