EDC kaginawa

Image of EDC kaginawa

Blade length : n/a
Overall size 7.5 cm X 5 cm
Thickness : 4 mm
Steel : O2
Hardness : 55-60 HRC
Handle : n/a
Lead time : built on order, 2 to 8 weeks + shipping, depending on pre-order list.

As a former practitionner of Japanese Martial Arts, including Ninjutsu, making a kaginawa was in my mind for a long time. This tool can prove useful in many situations and was a way for me to keep the legacy of Samuraïs and Hojojutsu alive!

Raw forge finish.
(Knives and picks not included).
Handmade by myself in Switzerland

Warning: the Kaginawa being handmade, it may slightly differ from picture.