EDC stone sling

Image of EDC stone sling

Often overlooked, the stone sling has been used for centuries as a tool for food procurement and hunting.

It requires training, for sure, but not much more : few parts that can break, can be easily repaired and only needs stones from the ground.

It’s also fun to shoot with. Just always be extra careful as the rocks can fly far and think before you train and throw a stone.

You also add about two meters of paracord to your kit.

They are pocket sized and really fit in the palm of your hand.

The pouch is made of vegtanned goat leather (Swiss made by a small traditional company) and works for pebbles and golf ball sized rocks, even a bit larger.

There is something very primal using these! Let’s give it a « shot » !

[disclaimer: I am in now way responsible for how you use the sling, where and when. I am in now way responsible if you injure yourself or anyone else in the process of using and shooting stones with it. You are responsible of your actions, so make sure no one is around when you train and do your best not to injure yourself!]