Noomaad - minimalist edc survival blade

Image of Noomaad - minimalist edc survival blade

Blade length : 5 cm
Overall length : 11.5 cm
Thickness : 4 mm
Steel : O1 or O2
Hardness : 55-60 HRC
Handle : High quality nylon paracord
Sheath : black Kydex for neck or static cord carry, optional horizontal leather sheath for +50$
Lead time : built on order, 2 to 8 weeks + shipping, depending on pre-order list.

Click here for Stabilized Paracord Option : add 25.- ➡️ just add the product "stabilized Paracord handle" option, small to medium size, to your basket

When I have created this nifty little blade, I wanted function as the center of concerns : it needed to pack a whole lot on a small footprint and needed to cover the most basic of survival tasks. Therefore, I wanted a sharp spine portion to scrape (bark from twigs of spark a Ferrocerium rod) but I needed the rest of the knife to be smooth in order to be used without any handle material. The reason behind that : being able to start a fire with the bow abs drill method. The tip is sharp and perfect to make a divot.

As the whole top of the knife has been heat treated, in an emergency, the back could be used to strike a spark from a piece of flint or chert.

Raw forge finish.
Handmade by myself in Switzerland

Warning: the knife being handmade, it may slightly differ from picture. The grind will not rise up to the spine of future models