Recap Origin and Recap CBT - Order or Preorder

Image of Recap Origin and Recap CBT - Order or Preorder

Order your Recap Origin or CBT Now!

Some are immediately available in 4mm.

Recap Origin (drop point) can be pre-ordered in 4mm thick or 5mm thick.

Recap CBT (talon/reverse edge) come only in 4mm thick.

If you don't find the one you want from the "available ones", select the "book a Recap Origin in 4mm", "book a Recap Origin in 5mm", "book a Recap CBT" or "book a custom Recap".

Both come with an ambidextrous sheath.

Current production waitlist is around 8-12 weeks.

Shipping is free for Switzerland.

About the Recap :

The Recap knife is a subcompact but potent blade I have designed and produce by hand. Two versions are available : Recap Origin which is a standard knife and the CBT which is a reverse edge talon/claw style knife yet still designed with functionality and utility in mind.

The original Idea was to have a very small but functional blade you could stick in your waistband and forget until you need it thanks to his ultra deep ambidextrous kydex sheath or a knife that you can consider as a Challeng survival knife to test and recapitulate your survival skills (the word recapitulate is more suited to it’s French translation, in English, one would probably use the word « assess your survival skills »)