Scarf/Shemagh Ring

Image of Scarf/Shemagh Ring

This Idea of a shemagh or scarf ring came form a personal need: the need to get rid of the bulky knot when work around the neck.

Of course, this gives you a classy look by turning your bush scarf or shemagh into a woodsman's necktie and keeps the whole thing tidy, low profile and quick to add or remove each time you use your shemagh for a specific task...

... but it's more than just a fashion statement. If you decide to go for a "full custom", you turn it into an identification tag (custom colour, custom logo) or promote your own brand.

I make each one by hand.

The braid is made of Swissmade Veg Tanned Goat Leather Lace that I treat with a homemade mix. The braid is only available in natural colour but will darken over time and with oils (like coconut).

Brown and Blacks are made with Leather Grain-like thermoplastic, Olive Drab and other colours are made with standard "hair cell" thermoplastics.

Please note that the custom engravings on black do not show much and custom engraving on clear thermoplastics require a surface treatment that is sometime hard to remove and may leave dark marks.

For a Full Custom (you chose the colour of thermoplastic and engraving), please select the "Full Custom" option and send us an e-mail : [email protected]