Shokey - sanitary key, kaginawa and multitool

Image of Shokey - sanitary key, kaginawa and multitool

*This item is handmade on order. Expect about 4 to 8 weeks for delivery.

In today dire epidemic times, I wanted to bring my grain of salt to the table by interpreting one of the tool that may well become a part of each responsible person’s EDC : the anti-contamination key.

This tool is basically a hook to open door, and a blunt tip to press buttons which allows you to avoid fomites. The tool can be boiled, treated with hand sanitizer or dipped in 70% alcohol solution to kill any germ or virus.

But as a multitool, it has way more uses : you can lift the cap of your cold beer with it instead of harming your big lighter, hook your shopping bags to hold al of the at the same time. The large ring allows you to clip a carabiner inside for transport but also to temporarily hook gear to it when you want to free your hands. It may even help you hook this keyring you dropped on the other side of that grid or lower your backpack from an elevated position.

Well, it’s a multitool with style, versatility... and history...

The shape was inspired by the shape of a very old farming tool used in feudal Japan and later turned into the Swiss army tool of the Ninja (Shinobi) and I found the concept totally matching.


These will be made out of O2 tool steel (version from Bölher Uddenholm) surface finish is raw with kiln scale.