Image of TyrVanguard

TryVanguard is a versatile knife that does look like a bushcraft knife yet can be used in tactical applications as well.

This knife is a Tribute to Christian Craighead's heroic actions in 2019 in Nairobi. My design is vaguely inspired by the knife he wore that day, but with more substantial guard, a bit slimmer profile.

About the name : Taking inspiration from Tyr, the Norse god of war and justice. TyrVanguard conveys a sense of duty and strength, making it the perfect name choice for a knife designed for both survival in the wilderness and tactical use in urban settings, reflecting the god's attributes of courage and order.

This knife is made on order. Expect 3 months for production and delivery.

It comes with a taco style sheath that is roughly painted as a real active duty operator would do, with an intended workout look. Each Camo pattern is unique but in the style of the picture.

The steel 80CRV2 is chosen because it gives character to the blade with time thanks to the patina that will show over time. As any of my knives, this is a knife designed to be used, not hanged on the wall. Each scratch and mark is a story to tell.

Specs :

Steel: 80CRV2
Blade thickness: 4mm
Blade length: cm
Handle length: cm
Overall length: cm
Sheath: Taco style with worn-out custom camo paintjob, exposed handle
Handle: OD g10 or Brown Jute micarta